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Disclaimer: T'aint mine: the characters and basic plot from the games belong to Ed Boon and Midway as well as New Line Cinema and all those folks who worked to make the most excellent movie Mortal Kombat. The only thing I own is what the characters do­because who else would come up with this whacky stuff, hmmm? 

Mortal Kombat II
Chapter One: Wedded Bliss?

Jaxon Briggs, a major in the United Nations Special Armed Forces, looked out his second-story office window. Jax, as he was known by his friends, thought grimly about the past several weeks' activities. First, he'd been forced to file a report on his best officer after she disappeared in pursuit of her partner's murderer, then he had to listen to her babbling about some sort of invasion that was going to take place by immortal beings from another realm, and then he had been left with no choice but to put her on suspension. When he tried to apologize, he learned that Sonya had moved in with that insufferable movie star in Hollywood. He was so angry at that point, he refused to back her story about "ghost ships" and "mystic creatures" during her hearing.

Jax glanced at the photo of he and Sonya at her graduation, first in her class, at the Special Warfare School where he'd been one of her instructors. He'd watched her military career even before then and was on close terms with her father, General Samuel Blade.

Even when she was only a sophomore in the base high school and he a private in the army, Jax loved Sonya. He never expressed his feelings, not even when she asked his advice about Bill Van Hoven's marriage proposal. He had actually insisted she accept, hoping with her married to the Royal Netherlands Marine lieutenant he'd no longer harbor such feelings. But then Bill was murdered and Sonya a single woman again. He'd even encouraged by the second chance­only to have it disappear with her when she ran off after Kano.

When she met Johnny Cage.

At the thought of the actor, Jax tightened his fist­the new bionic replacements crushing the glass tumbler he'd been holding to a fine powder. Today she was actually going to marry that phony and Jax could do nothing but sit and watch. It was the worst day of his life.

* * *

This is the happiest day of my life. thought Johnny Cage as he stood at the front of the small church outside San José. Not only was he marrying the smartest, bravest and most beautiful woman in the world­there weren't any members of the press around to ruin it for him. Sure, his agent had argued the point rather passionately, but Johnny didn't want them hording in on his wedding day like they did so much else in his life.

Despite the fact he'd proven his martial arts skills in the Mortal Kombat Tournament five months ago, the media still branded him a fake and two-bit actor. One thing the Tournament did, aside from introducing him to his bride-to-be, was to help him learn that it didn't matter what the press or his hordes of fans thought. He knew he was the real thing and needn't prove it to anyone else.

As he glanced around the church, he noticed Sonya's father and mother seated in the front pew. General Blade had been anything but pleased when his daughter announced her intentions to marry a movie star she'd known less than 3 months, but at least he'd shown up today. Probably some sense of 'duty,' Johnny thought. The General didn't bother to hide his disdain for Johnny. He was surprised the older man wasn't in the back of the church right now trying to talk Sonya out of walking down the aisle.

* * *

"Sonya, are you sure you want to go through with this?" Jax asked.

Sonya turned from the mirror, finally happy that her headpiece was straight, and regarded her long-time friend. "Of course I'm sure, Jax. Why else would I be standing in the back of a church in this very expensive wedding dress?"

Not bothering to hide the look of anger that crossed his dark features at the mention of Johnny's wealth, Jax frowned at her. "You've only known the man for a couple of months--don't you think you're rushing things?"

"You sound suspiciously like the General," she said. Her eyebrow arching accusingly, "Did he order you back here to talk 'sense' into his daughter?"

"Of course not." Jax said, a little too quickly. Yes, General Blade had asked him to speak with Sonya, but Jax had intended to do so anyway. He couldn't believe she was being so impulsive.

"Well, it doesn't matter. I am marrying Johnny Cage today whether the two of you like it or not. What do either of you know of our relationship? You were a little too busy humiliating me in front of Headquarters to even listen to what I was saying. To you, I've only known Johnny a few months--but we've been through more in those months than any other mortal will go through in a lifetime."

"You're not going to start talking about that crazy Tournament again, are you?" Jax asked in frustration.

"I don't have time for this, Jax. I asked you here as my friend, to share in the happiest day of my life. You can either shut up and pretend to be happy for me or get out of my way. I won't even trying to explain anything to you since you refuse to listen." She turned from him, her train flowing behind as her bridesmaids hurried to catch up.

* * *

Pastor Brock gazed fondly at the happy couple before him. Though he'd only met them the previous evening during the rehearsal, he could tell a great deal about them and their relationship. He'd performed many ceremonies, counseled a lot of couples, and had a knack for predicting if they had what it took to face the good times and the bad together. Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade were one of those couples.

He turned first to Sonya Blade, a strong young woman who didn't need anyone, but found it in herself to trust others just the same. She was a fighter, he mused, nothing could keep her down. "Do you, Sonya, take Johnny to be your husband?"

"Yes." she answered, a slight smile touching her lips as she glanced at the man beside her.

Brock put his attention on Johnny Cage, the action star whose every film the pastor had seen. He'd been mildly surprised that the bravado portrayed by his characters was replaced by a calm confidence in real life. "Do you, Johnny, take Sonya to be your wife?"

Johnny smiled back at Sonya, a softer version of his famously cocky smile. "Absolutely." he said.

Yes, Brock thought to himself, they complement each other perfectly. Apart they are strong, but together they are invincible. Now where did that line of thinking come from? he wondered at himself.

"Having said so in the presence of friends and family, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss."

"'Bout time," Sonya said, winking to Pastor Brock and tossing her bouquet to an anxious bridesmaid. She then grabbed Johnny's lapels and drew him into a deep kiss.

At the sound of several cattle calls in the back, probably from Johnny's uncouth agent and trainers, the two reluctantly pulled apart and turned to greet their guests.

Stopping first in front of Sonya's family, Johnny was surprised when Sonya's mother pulled him into a tight hug. Despite her husband's frown, Mrs. Blade was simply happy that her daughter had found someone to love.

Extending his hand to the general, Johnny simply said, "Mr. Blade, thank you."

Samuel Blade, prodded by multiple pokes by his wife and daughter on either side, accepted Johnny's hand. "You're welcome, Mr. Cage."

"How touching." A low voice rumbled through the church.

Sonya and Johnny looked to each other, the same look in their eyes. No, it couldn't be.

They turned to the rear of the church and tightened their grips on each other. Where only twenty minutes before Sonya had stood on the arm of her father was a site the couple never expected to see again.

Towering above the other guests by more than a meter, his four arms crossed over each other, stood Goro, the Shokan warrior Johnny defeated in the Tournament. Standing next to him, though slightly shorter than her partner, stood another Shokan­a female.

As the Outworlder's approached, Johnny noticed with relief that it wasn't actually Goro, but another Shokan. This one's back was striped like a tiger.

"What the hell is that?" Sonya's father asked, following his daughter and son-in-law's gaze.

Sonya resisted the urge to say "I told you so" and instead backed up a few feet and tried as best she could to get her mother out of harm's way. As she did so, she noticed that Jax had also joined them at the front of the church. Sonya pulled him in front of her mother and returned to her husband's side.

"Excuse me," Johnny called to the creatures, "Do either of you have an invitation?"

The creatures moved toward Johnny and Sonya, each raising their arms in a defensive stance.

"I am Kintaro, warrior of the Shokan." The first creature said, raising his top arms above his head to emphasize his power.

Sonya stepped forward, "Should we be impressed?"

Kintaro frowned at her and looked to Johnny. "For a mighty warrior, you let your woman speak out of turn? It is a wonder how you were able to best the mighty Goro." He sneered at Sonya and then continued. "I challenge you, Johnny Cage in redemption for the death of Prince Goro."

"Hey, pal, in case you weren't paying attention, the Tournament is over. We won. You lost. You can't go around challenging mortals to kombat when there's nothing to fight over."

Kintaro smiled and looked to Sheeva. After exchanging a glance with her, he turned back to Johnny and Sonya. "I'd hoped you would say that."

Before anyone could respond, Sheeva disappeared from behind Kintaro and reappeared next to Sonya, only to grab her and immediately disappear again.

"No!" Johnny yelled, lunging at Kintaro only to be held back by Jax.

Kintaro laughed. "There is only one way to reclaim your bride, Johnny Cage, and that is to defeat me in mortal kombat. If you can." Then he, too, disappeared.